Change Management

 Montreal | Full-time

Consultant’s Professional Challenges

The role of the Change Management Consultant is to act as an expert advisor for his clients, mainly for transformation initiatives that bring a significant change to an organization. The consultant is responsible, depending on the project, of :

  • Engaging stakeholders in the change management process.
  • Analyzing human and organizational impacts resulting from change;
  • Identifying potential risks and issues;
  • Defining and implementing change management strategy and plan tailored to the needs of all stakeholders;
  • Developing and monitoring change management performance indicators throughout the project;
  • Coordinating all change management activities while ensuring consistency and alignment with the established strategy and the business sector;
  • Recommending the best change management approaches and solutions.

These activities are carried out according to recognized change management methodologies and guidelines. In addition, the consultant is expected to work closely with project management and training teams to ensure cohesive efforts towards a common goal. To provide these activities, the consultant may be asked to perform the following deliverables, based on the client’s needs:

  • Initial assessment;
  • Impacts Analysis;
  • Stakeholder Analysis and accompaniment;
  • Change Management Strategy;
  • Change Management Plan;
  • Implementation Readiness Activities;
  • Post-implementation monitoring activities.

As a consulting firm, client service is our main focus. Awareness towards business impacts and accountability on the part of the consultant foster trust and autonomy. Seamless communication using project tracking tools is an integral part of the consultant’s day-to-day functions and key to keeping communication channels open. The consultant must keep track of the development ratios, budget, risks, issues and target dates of all project deliverables.

Given the nature of consulting work, the capacity to quickly adapt and effortlessly gain the client’s confidence are two essential elements to ensure the success of any project.

Our clients located in the greater Montreal area (the Montreal island as well as the south and north shore), often require that consultants work on site. As a result, consultants must be able to commute within this area. Therefore, it is expected that the consultant may be able to commute with a car since not all clients are located in places easily accessible through public transportation.

In addition to client projects, consultants are invited to participate in one of the internal committees and contribute to the evolution of the organization

Finally, the consultant is supported and encouraged to keep their skills up-to-date as a means to ensure they provide exceptional quality service based on business learning and performance best practices.

Wanted Skills and Areas of Expertise


Bachelor’s or master’s degree related to the field of change management.


(Essential) Experience in IT implementation project (preferably ERP)
(Essential) 5 years of experience in consulting and change management with major clients
(Asset) Certification in Change Management Prosci
(Asset) Project Management Certification (PMP)
(Asset) Experience as a manager

Technical Skills

(Essential) Proficiency in the use of the Microsoft Office suite tools
(Essential) Application of methodological principles of change management
(Essential) Fluent in French and English, written and spoken.
(Essential) Ability to manage their work and meet deadlines set for planned deliverables
(Essential) Quick adaptability to new working environments
(Essential) Ability to quickly develop a relation of trust with his clients
(Important) Ability to anticipate internal political issues

Soft Skills

Team player
Open-minded and humble
Able to give and receive constructive feedback
Attention to quality and compliance with established guidelines
Self-discipline and sense of responsibility
Flexibility and versatility
Leadership capacity