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  • Analysis and strategy
  • Definition of standards and templates
  • Process development
  • Project management
  • Training material

Our mission

Plan the training strategy, develop the training materials and monitor progress (project management) of 43 classroom training sessions and 15 coaching sessions, as part of implementation of 12 Oracle modules.

Target group

650 corporate and factory employees in North America.

Our challenges

  • Simultaneously develop training in English and French.
  • Complete the training design before stabilisation of the IT solution.
  • Work in a suboptimal training environment.
  • Work with subject matter experts who are very busy with other aspects of the project.

Our approach

  • Apply a proactive approach with subject matter experts.
  • Be very resourceful and creative.
  • Optimize the development of the training material, avoiding resource downtime.

Our equipment

  • Oracle EBS R.12
  • User Productivity Kit (UPK) authoring software
  • Microsoft Office
  • SharePoint
  • A team made up of a leader and 12 designers
  • A proven project management/training methodology


  • A new Oracle platform used daily.
  • Easy and fast access to support material.
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