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  • Customized training workshops
  • Definition of standards and templates
  • Performance support
  • Support for resources
  • Training material

Our mission

Update already existing training materials on technical writing with best practices and provide facilitation for instructional designers within the organization on an on-demand basis.

Target group

All types of employees who are requested to document procedures and support material in various departments.

Our challenges

  • Adapt training content, originally designed for experienced instructional designers, to fit a larger crowd with various backgrounds.
  • Blend into the environment so that training and support seem to be internal.
  • Adapt quickly in order to provide resources that meet ad hoc needs.

Our approach

  • Harmonize Miyagi’s methodology with that of the organization.
  • Deliver training sessions for the organization’s writers and designers.
  • Provide support for the learners after training to help them implement.

Our equipment

  • A methodology based on good practices similar to those of the organization
  • Our consultants’ experience, adaptability and ability to pass on their knowledge
  • Our ability to adapt to the client’s needs


  • A harmonization of good practices throughout the organization.
  • A more uniform performance support and training material throughout the organization.
  • The organization now sees us as its partner of choice.
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