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  • Definition of standards and templates
  • Methodology
  • Resources support
  • Roles and Responsibilities assignment

Our mission

Assist the Change Management Director in refining the Change Management (CM) methodology, determine CM guiding principles, clarify roles and responsibilities within the CM team, and establish the tools and templates required to support future programs and projects.

Target group

Change Management Team, indirect: Project Management organisation, IT, Human Capital, rest of the organisation

Our challenges

  • Align all CM resources to a shared vision and common objectives for the team.
  • Refine the methodology in a context where projects are ongoing and CM deliverables still need to be produced.
  • Communicate the vision and approach to internal partners that already have existing notions of what CM can and should do.

Our approach

  • One on one brainstorming sessions with CM director to establish a vision, a plan, the stakeholders, and an approach.
  • Series of workshops with the CM team conducted along three themes: Methodology, Roles and Responsibilities, and CM Services.
  • Equip the CM Director with resources to build awareness to all directly impacted internal partners and customers.

Our equipment

  • A methodology based on best practices
  • Our consultants’ knowledge and experience in Change Management


  • The contribution and engagement of the CM team throughout the workshop process allowed for all to come together and build their vision together, clarify who does what, question and challenge the relevance and usefulness of certain deliverables, and agree upon the methodology and tools they will adopt going forward.
  • The methodology is now in place and the awareness is building as the team takes on new projects and initiatives.
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