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  • Analysis and strategy
  • Customized training workshops
  • Definition of standards and templates
  • Performance support
  • Process development
  • Resources support
  • Training material

Our mission

  • Help the organization’s training team elaborate a high-level training strategy by integrating new approaches, training tools, asynchronous e-learning and task support.
  • Coach the internal instructional designer on best practices during the design of an asynchronous e-learning course.

Target group

The person in charge and members of the internal training team.

Our challenges

  • Help a newly created centralized training team build with members of operations.
  • Take into account the needs of an industrial business with highly varied job profiles and needs, a geographically dispersed clientele and a wide variety of training practices.
  • Enhance e-learning by implementing higher-performance tools and good practices, considering the limited pedagogical skills and knowledge on authoring tools of the internal resource.

Our approach

  • Training needs analysis with the team.
  • Develop a decision aid tool to help select the right training approach Design of a high-level training strategy
  • Recommendations for selecting an authoring tool adapted to business needs
  • Training and support on the use of Articulate Studio 13 for development of an e-learning course

Our equipment

  • Proven, high-performance methodology and tools
  • Our consultants’ experience
  • Articulate Studio 13 authoring tool


  • An initial version of the high-level training strategy for the organization and tools to make it happen.
  • Enhanced pedagogical practices and techniques.
  • An e-learning authoring tool adapted to the company’s needs.
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