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  • Analysis and strategy
  • Customized training workshops
  • Definition of standards and templates
  • Performance support
  • Process development
  • Project management
  • Resources support
  • Training material

Our mission

Plan and design a training program and task-support tools for users of Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning software (ERP) and the new point-of-sale system.

Target group

All employees in all the organization’s stores.

Our challenges

  • Craft a strategy that takes into consideration the participants’ specific work contexts and also the high turnover for certain types of jobs.
  • Develop training material for the implementation, as well as basic training for future employees.
  • Maintain training material in a constantly changing software implementation context.

Our approach

  • Customized training material for each training target group.
  • Various facilitation methods: classroom training (8 courses), asynchronous e-learning (9 courses) and post-training support documentation (over 225 procedures and job aids).
  • Coaching of internal resources on training design and performance support material to ensure the sustainability of the project.

Our equipment

  • Microsoft Office
  • Articulate Storyline 2 authoring tool
  • A team of 20 dedicated internal and external designers and subject matter experts
  • Effective deliverable follow-up


  • A progressive IT implementation supported by constantly updated support and training materials.
  • A training program and task-support material adapted for current and future employees.
  • Collaboration with the client on further projects, such as current training material maintenance and translation.
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