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  • Analysis and strategy
  • Communications
  • Impact Assessment
  • Project management

Our mission

Perform an assessment for the first phase of a Knowledge Management and Process Standardization initiative that will span several years

Target group

Montreal Plant Operators and Supervisors, Process Engineering, Operational Excellence and Human Capital

Our challenges

  • Determine a simple change strategy that takes into account the day-to-day reality of the plant without impacting productivity and limited capacity of the resources on the shop floor.
  • Ensure all stakeholders within the plant (and across three shifts) are onboarded and informed using consistent messages and the appropriate timing.
  • Engage the Supervisor level within the organisation towards a knowledge sharing culture.
  • Process standardisation being done throughout the project lifespan.

Our approach

  • Favor simple, direct communications, cascaded by management.
  • Assessment performed via a series of informal interviews and workshops.
  • Build awareness for the program by leveraging the vision and values of the organisation.
  • Establishing and following performance indicators to measure awareness through to adoption.

Our equipment

  • Microsoft Office
  • Our consultants’ interpersonal skills


This project is in progress.

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