Miyagi has been supporting your training projects since 2007. Like the famous Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid movies, we use effective methods coupled with a humane approach (but no karate!) to help you grow your team’s full potential.


Working alongside your organisation to facilitate its transformation through change management solutions, as well as learning and performance solutions adapted to the new reality your employees will experience.


Our corporate values aren’t empty words posted on our website. They are part of our daily interactions with our clients and co-workers. Integrity, accountability, innovation, knowledge-sharing and balance are the values that define us.


Interact with consultants who possess the professional, interpersonal skills and professionalism needed to successfully carry out your project.

Have the certainty that our consultants are assigned to your project based on their compatibility to integrate into your organization and project seamlessly.

Benefit from an active listening in relation to your needs which will result in proposals of integrated customized solutions tailored to your own context.

Amelie Bois-Ouellet Amelie Bois-Ouellet

Amelie Bois-Ouellet

Director, eLearning Solutions, MA

Antoine Bouyaud Antoine Bouyaud

Antoine Bouyaud

Consultant, Change Management, MSc

Lisa Calabrese Lisa Calabrese

Lisa Calabrese

Consultant, Learning and Performance Solutions, BA

Helene Georgaras Helene Georgaras

Helene Georgaras

Director, Change Management Practice, BA

Marie-Claude Huard Marie-Claude Huard

Marie-Claude Huard

Consultant, Learning and Performance Solutions, MEd

Patricia Karoutas Patricia Karoutas

Patricia Karoutas

Consultant, Change Management, BCom

Isabelle Laforet Isabelle Laforet

Isabelle Laforet

Consultant, Learning and Performance Solutions, MT, MIntl Trade

Kim Lascelles Kim Lascelles

Kim Lascelles

Director, Innovation, MEd

Pascale Maltais Pascale Maltais

Pascale Maltais

Consultant, Change Management, MEd, CRHA

Matheus Mancini Matheus Mancini

Matheus Mancini

Consultant, Learning and Performance Solutions

Claude Messier Claude Messier

Claude Messier

Consultant, Change Management, BA

Catherine Quintal Catherine Quintal

Catherine Quintal

Consultant, Learning and Performance Solutions, BSc, CHRP

Catherine Robitaille Catherine Robitaille

Catherine Robitaille

Consultant, Change Management, BSc, CHRP

Éric Saint-Gelais Éric Saint-Gelais

Éric Saint-Gelais

President, MA

Pascale Sauvé Pascale Sauvé

Pascale Sauvé

Director, Learning Solutions Practice, MEd

Nancy Simard Nancy Simard

Nancy Simard

Founder, MEd

Annie St-Pierre Annie St-Pierre

Annie St-Pierre

Consultant, Learning and Performance Solutions, BA

Martine Tessier Martine Tessier

Martine Tessier

Consultant, Learning and Performance Solutions, BSc, CEd

Robert Thibault Robert Thibault

Robert Thibault

Chief Executive, DEC

Martin Tremblay Martin Tremblay

Martin Tremblay

Director, Performance Support Practice, BA, CEd

Picture yourself as part of the team! Picture yourself as part of the team!

Picture yourself as part of the team!