To better cope with the whirlwind of change

We offer you an integrated and innovative approach combining change management, learning solutions, performance support and gamification to help you win in the constant whirlwind of transformations that are shaking up your organization.

The nature of our clients’ mandates varies according to their needs. Whether it is the integration of an innovation that impacts employees, such as the implementation of a new technology or a new business process, or to deal with issues related to employee retention, skills development or retirement, we always customize our approach in order to propose optimal solutions.

Free yourself from these constraints and take flight with Miyagi!

Tailored Integrated Solutions

We invest the time required to complete a rigorous analysis of the context and determine your needs to adapt our strategy and offer you simple, concrete solutions that fit with your organization.

Partners in Your Success

We adopt a partnership approach and prefer to collaborate with you to develop solutions that fit your context and meet your needs.

Focused on Developing Your Autonomy

While we take charge of the development of the project’s deliverables, our aim is to ensure our intervention’s sustainability by developing your resources through methodological workshops or by accompanying your employees throughout the mandate.

Transparent Project Monitoring

Through our rigorous project monitoring process, we rapidly identify possible risks and challenges in order to proactively find solutions to respect the budget and deadlines, while ensuring the highest quality standards in all our deliverables.

Benchmarking of Technology Solutions

Whether you are looking for development, training management or gamification tools, we can assist you in your search and provide solutions that correspond to your specific needs. Let us guide you in selecting the best solution to propel your organization to new heights of performance.

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