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Full-spectrum support

When it comes to your transformation, we don’t have one tool but rather many tools. In fact, Miyagi has all the skills, knowledge, and solutions you need to manage change, help your employees learn, and support their performance in a truly integrated approach.

We help companies in a variety of industries:

About us

Our company is named after Mr. Miyagi, the handyman and martial arts master from The Karate Kid who teaches his young apprentice concrete skills that give him confidence and let him find great strength to overcome great odds.

Miyagi has been helping businesses navigate transformation for over 15 years. We will always be at your side to give you the confidence to tackle any challenge that the future has in store.

Our services

Whether you are starting a new initiative that affects your work force, tackling issues to keep employees, developing their skills, or looking for your next leaders to take over for retired staff, we provide three main services: change management, learning solutions, and performance support through a personalized and optimized approach.

Our job offers

Our employees are our priority. When they succeed, our clients do too.
Are you a team player and problem solver?

Do you see every challenge as a learning opportunity? Are you an enthusiastic person who loves sharing your knowledge?

Do you have patience and a positive attitude? Are you a good listener who likes a job well done?

Then we were built for each other!

Are you going through a transformation or planning a major change at your organization? Are you trying to solve a training or performance issue? Do you have a question about our service?