Learning solutions

Knowledge and skills that people enjoy learning.

Training will be a key solution in our proposed change management action plan. To make the shift from new idea to knowledge, an action plan must be defined, designed, communicated, and taken ownership of over time.

Instructional strategy and design

Creating the conditions for success

We know that training alone can’t solve everything. That’s why every good learning initiative first needs a good strategy.

As specialists in all techniques of adult education, we work with your content experts to identify what your employees need to learn that will add value to their daily lives. We then suggest and design the most suitable teaching methods that make the most sense for your organization.

Analyze the target audience and their learning needs.

Develop the appropriate instructional strategies within the project’s constraints.

Design prototypes for the learning materials.

Transform the target skills into educational goals.

Determine the appropriate teaching methods: techniques, tools, and materials.

Develop and implement the instructional approach.

In the face of change, support employees toward accomplishing their goals.

We help employees become independent by developing specific materials to establish the right conditions for learning to happen. Whenever possible, we keep people motivated with our signature gamification approach.

Develop all training materials and adapt them to different tools and formats.

Support teams that disseminate training materials.

Develop learning assessment materials.

Provide tools to project teams to maintain and update the developed materials, if necessary.