We are builders

Transformation includes the idea of not only change but also construction. We know how to create strong and authentic relationships that serve as a framework for your renewal and that are built on trust with both our clients and employees.


At Miyagi, we recognize the positive outcomes of transformation and know how to channel change to benefit the people who make up organizations.


We build open and authentic relationships with companies to enthusiastically guide them through their transformation while creating the right conditions so that their people can enjoy a good work/life balance.

Value proposition

We use a comprehensive and tailored approach to help companies reap the benefits of a positive transformation.


Because we want you to make it on your own.

We won’t cling to you, and we certainly don’t want you to become dependent on us. In fact, we will work hard to ensure that, at one point, you won’t need us at all. That’s how much we value your independence!


Transformation that is embraced becomes a source of strength.

Working with Miyagi means…

Collaborating with experts who have the professional and people skills to make your project a success.

Trusting that the consultants assigned to your project are the best fit for your organization and your transformation.

Benefiting from a team that actively listens to your needs in order to tailor integrated solutions to your situation.

Our mantras

Miyagi has an organic structure with a flat hierarchy shaped entirely by its staff.

Together, we make every day count.

Assigning the right staff to the right project is our blueprint for success!

At Miyagi, we share our experience and knowledge to guide you toward your goals.

Miyagi has an organic structure and flat hierarchy shaped entirely by its staff.

Miyagi has an organic structure and flat hierarchy shaped entirely by its staff.

Look at your hand. Although your five fingers are all different, each complements the others and gives you qualities like strength or dexterity when you need it.

Our team is the same. We are different yet complementary people who all work toward the same goal: to help the people at companies that are going through a transformation.

Our team


Tamara Assanah

Consultant, Change Management, MBA

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Anysia Berrouard

Consultant, Learning and Performance Solutions, BBA

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Justine Blanchet

Consultant, Learning and Performance Solutions, BA

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Amelie Bois-Ouellet

Director, eLearning Solutions, MA

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Atalie Dufour

Consultant, Learning and Performance Solutions

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Helene Georgaras

Director, Change Management Practice, BA

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Patricia Karoutas

Consultant, Change Management, BCom

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Isabelle Laforet

Consultant, Learning and Performance Solutions, MT, MIntl Trade

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Kim Lascelles

Director, Innovation, MEd

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Claude Messier

Consultant, Change Management, BA

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Guillaume Payette

Consultant, Learning and Performance Solutions, B.Ed

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Catherine Robitaille

Consultant, Change Management, BSc

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Éric Saint-Gelais

President, MA

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Pascale Sauvé

Director, Learning Solutions Practice, MEd

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Nancy Simard

Founder, MEd

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Annie St-Pierre

Director, Performance Support, BA, CEd

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Martine Tessier

Director of Operations, BSc, CEd

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Robert Thibault

Chief Executive, DEC

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