Full mastery to earn your full trust

When it comes to your transformation, we don’t have one tool but rather many tools. In fact, Miyagi has all the skills, knowledge, and solutions you need to manage change, help your employees learn, and support their performance in a truly integrated approach.

Because we are (and will stay) zen in any situation.

At Miyagi, we know how to manage the tension triggered by change and impart our calm attitude to make each stage as seamless as possible. Enthusiasm is our trademark.

The three components of our service are interdependent. Our comprehensive project management approach will therefore let you gain in productivity and optimize your resources for better results. We can also provide tailored options, as working with you as a team is the key tool in our toolbox!

With Miyagi, transformation is something you experience, not something you endure.

A certainty is that things never stay the same.
The world is always changing. Your organization must adapt and transform as things evolve. That’s where we come in: we ensure your transformation is beneficial for both the organization and its people so that everyone enjoys a brighter future.

Change management

A successful transformation means taking the right road

A project is only successful when every step of the transformation journey is mastered, and we know this path like the back of our hand. From profiling the change to analyzing the situation, creating a strategy, developing and deploying an action plan, and finally adopting the change, we are at your side every step of the way.

Learning solutions

Knowledge and skills that people enjoy learning.

Training will be a key solution in our proposed change management action plan. To make the shift from new idea to knowledge, an action plan must be defined, designed, communicated, and taken ownership of over time.

Performance support

Make the shift from training to daily independence

Training is not an end but a starting point. Not everything people need to learn can be covered in training; plus, what is learned may be forgotten if not applied right away.

Our impact

happier users at work

business processes explained / put in plain language / clarified

change ambassadors engaged

personalized and gamified engagement activities

effective, up-to-date and consulted task support documents