Change management

A successful transformation means taking the right road

A project is only successful when every step of the transformation journey is mastered, and we know this path like the back of our hand. From profiling the change to analyzing the situation, creating a strategy, developing and deploying an action plan, and finally adopting the change, we are at your side at every step of the way.

You can’t get close to a solution until you clearly understand the situation.

That means that we need to perfectly understand what’s going on now so that the change drives momentum into the future. From the start of a project, we dive in with our strong ability to research, identify, analyze, and determine everything needed for the transition. The goal is to move together from today’s situation to tomorrow’s vision.

For us, investing effort and skills at this stage in our support will ensure the change process is a success.

Identify gaps, impacts, and the relevant stakeholders

Assess the scope of the transformation

Determine the best strategies

Compile and analyze inputs

Validate observations with leaders

Support for resources—internal audience and leaders

Transformation happens at all levels

We know how important leaders are to a transformation project and that their commitment plays a decisive role particularly to get internal stakeholders on board with the change. We will work with you proactively to develop an employee adoption strategy.

To get everyone involved in the project’s different phases, we will develop concrete tasks that are tailored to the scope of the change, the urgency of the situation, and your employees’ ability to adapt. We also try to gamify the process whenever possible.

Overall, we help people who work at organizations undergoing a transformation process to develop their skills, ignite their motivation, and gain a sense of accomplishment.

Recommend simple, concrete, flexible and tailored solutions.

Plan and carry out different activities in three main areas: communication, engagement, and training.

Evaluate and make any necessary adjustments until the transformation is complete.