Performance support

Make the shift from training to daily independence

Training is not an end but a starting point. Not everything people need to learn can be covered in training; plus, what is learned may be forgotten if not applied right away.

A solid performance support strategy must therefore be in place to give employees all the help they need do their work effectively and to make their work easier once the change is in place.

Preparation to implement tools

A successful deployment needs a well-thought-out game plan

A must for every project is a user-focused inventory and analysis phase. This is the perfect moment to identify needs at your organization: cases not covered in training, refresher content, support for complex tasks, security requirements, or consistent results. In the analysis phase, we work with you to identify all relevant elements of the performance support materials to be developed and deployed.

Next, we can start the phase to prototype standards and templates.

Next, we can start the phase to prototype standards and templates.

Identify tasks and content to be supported with the materials and tools.

Target user needs to better support them.

Design the prototypes as well as the standards for the materials to be developed.

Deploy support solutions

Our toolbox of complementary solutions will build independence and ultimately keep users motivated and efficient in their daily work.

We have also set up a performance support repository of concrete tools (guides, checklists, videos) to help employees keep up their knowledge and get ongoing support.
This is rounded out by collaborative support to help the most advanced employees share their knowledge and build a positive group dynamic that is facilitated with a simple structure for your materials and methods.

This is how we create independence and keep the change going in the right direction over the long term.

Organization of the document management infrastructure and maintenance

After documenting tasks and creating tools, we then think about the actual document-use environment to make it easier for people to access information. We suggest practices for document nomenclature, hosting, versioning and maintenance.

Communication and feedback

We also help implement tools that facilitate feedback and communication to continuously improve documents and circulate updated documents. Internal commitment and collaboration are invaluable to this document maintenance mechanism.

Develop all performance support materials and adapt them to different tools and formats.

Organize the document management infrastructure.

Suggest governance models for documentation maintenance.